Wheelers Members Discount-2016 Victoria Gran Fondo Doppio

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Wheelers Members Discount-2016 Victoria Gran Fondo Doppio

Post by sonyareuter » Fri Feb 19, 2016 11:41 pm

Attention Wheelers 2016 Members!
$160 to ride the Gran Fondo Doppio
If getting worked over Saturday mornings by Trevor and company is not demoralizing you sufficiently, there is hope!

June 18th is a great opportunity to spend the entire day hurting, plus being angry at everyone you're trying to keep up with, catch, or stay ahead of. What's more, you can have all this for $160; up to 1/2 the price paid by those you're hurting!

"Too good to be true" you're thinking. Well, It may be if you wait too long, because this event fills up fast; the field limit is 100. The Victoria Gran Fondo Doppio, all 265km, is yours for the riding. Here's the link to sign up: http://www.victoriagranfondo.com

This offer includes all the luxurious gifts and services offered by our Victoria Gran Fondo except the Friday dinner at the Harbour Towers. You are welcome to join us there for a fee yet to be determined.

Don't want to destroy yourself for the rest of the summer? Volunteer! Yes, it is true! We would welcome your time and energy. Contact Emma at emma@oakbaybikes.com for volunteer opportunities.

This event showcases the Southern Vancouver Island road riding experience with the bulk of participants coming from off-island. It's only fitting that the most established cycling club in Victoria represent local riders and welcome the visitors with a day on the bike to remember. It's a privilege to have the Wheelers support for this event and I would love to see the members come out and experience Victoria's Fondo.

Everyone comes away with a story.

Karl Ullrich
Capo, Gran Fondo

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