Rumble Ride Report

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Rumble Ride Report

Post by marc » Sat Apr 04, 2015 2:45 pm

This year marked the 4th iteration of Paul's annual Celebration of Life ride. Paul - for those of you who aren't familiar, he is truly inspirational. He had cystic fibrosis, and 4 years ago received a lung transplant that saved his life. Through that, he created a drink called Rumble to help him recover and now he is an active member of Victoria's cycling community - even winning a couple of VCL races over the past 2 years. His positive outlook on life and positive energy is a joy to be around. Great dude.

Not surprisingly, this year again, Paul's ride attracted a large crowd. At rough guess, there were around 100 people at the start of the ride. Two routes were planned out - a 55 and a 100. The 100 route followed the Saturday OBB route, with a stop over at Tulista Park complete with Rumble, Cliff Bars and gels galore. Things out to Sidney were mellow, after the stop over, things picked up along Lands End with MDawson pulling the entire duration, plus out to Panorama, then reportedly back into town.

Good ride, great vibe and a broad mix of people out. Another great aspect of the ride was the encouragement for everyone to sign up as an organ donor - which is surprisingly easy. I did it online and it took less than 5 minutes at

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