June 21st VCL Caleb B Race

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June 21st VCL Caleb B Race

Post by marc » Fri Jun 23, 2017 10:03 am

This week's Caleb was a spectacular show of fortitude by our very own reigning VCL B series leader, Rich Martin. Wheelers attendance for the B race consisted of Rich, Garth, Dave, Deb, Alec and myself.

Things started off with the race in a slow, but organized manor. After the first corner and descent, first lap excitement resulted in a number of attacks that were quickly brought back and as a result, the pace of the race picked up immediately. The next lap was a heated one, with the highest speed overall. At some point (though I'm not sure when exactly) - strongman Rich got off the front. This sentiment echoed throughout the peloton, with Wheelers smiling, and everyone else grumpy. Wheelers on the front kept the pace pretty mellow, so as to not inadvertently chase down Rich. The remainder of the group didn't seem overly motivated to chase, as efforts from only a few brave souls attempted to pull Rich back. This general lack of an organized chase in combination with no Wheelers working to chase Rich down and Rich's beast mode TT efforts ensured Rich's win on the day. Garth and Deb (respectively) rounded off the podium to capture the Wheelers 1-2-3 overall.

Fun night of racing!

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