July 5th - Newton Heights - A Race

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July 5th - Newton Heights - A Race

Post by aruss » Wed Jul 05, 2017 8:24 pm

After a Windsor race where the team did not get Isaac in position to fully contest the sprint, Newton Heights offered some redemption. To sum things up the team controlled every aspect of this race; dictating tempo, covering early attacks, and then dishing it out for the remainder. New club member Ian Hendry took the win in solo fashion from the bell, here is how it unfolded....

Wheeler riders toeing the line included: Eugene, Maxim, Duncan, Ian Hendry, and me (Andrew). After some early pepper by Tripleshot Duncan took control of the tempo for a few laps, setting a strong seated pace up the first climb and then continuing to push over the start finish. The repetitive grind of Newton began to take its toll about half way through the 18 lapper with a front group of 6 forming including two Wheelers (Ian and Andrew). Respecting the course Ian and Andrew continued to set a strong tempo to wear the others on the climbs but were careful to save something for the later stages. With 4 laps to go the boys began taking fliers and countering each other. This reduced the group to 4: Ian, Raph, Andrew McCartney, and Andrew. After a lap where Ian set a relentless pace, Andrew attacked over the start/finish and got a gap. The other two riders were forced to chase with Ian poised to counter. Andrew was caught near bell lap. At the catch Ian came over top of the other riders and they could not follow. Raph accelerated to chase and McCartney couldn't follow. Ian rode a boss last lap to hold off Raph for the Win! A great race resulting in the A crews 9th VCL win!

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