Aug 16 Caleb Pike VCL A Race

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Aug 16 Caleb Pike VCL A Race

Post by Nick » Fri Aug 18, 2017 8:51 am

The final VCL road race of the season brought out a solid contingent of Wheelers and a good number of Pro City and Broad St among a handful of other riders. The spicy warmup ride to the course had me wondering if I was feeling like racing was a good idea, but I couldn't say no to free rice krispie squares in return for my $10.

The race got off to a fast start and it would continue that way for the relatively short 13 laps. There were people flying off the front for almost the entire race. Duncan went off a couple of times and ARuss and I had our time at the front for about 4 laps (in which I was secretly hoping we would be caught, sorry ARuss). Brian had a couple strong moves too!

With a half lap to go, it was 3 up the road: ARuss, Brendan, and Sam Horn. AMac from PC launched up to bridge so I happily sat on his wheel to have us catch the trio at the top of the final descent. I hit the supertuck just right and got a good go at the climb to the finish line, taking the win.

Super good team effort and nice way to close off the season!

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